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The “Museums in Münster” working group

We are proud to present the "Museums in Münster" online platform. "We" refers to the representatives of Münster's museums who have joined forces to form the "Museums in Münster" working group. We meet and communicate regularly with the aim of informing Münster's citizens and visitors about our wide range of exhibitions, tours, events and more. We feel it is very important to design and present our offerings in a way that reaches as many people as possible. Our goal is to make people of all ages excited about art, history and culture.
The idea driving our new "museen-in-muenster.de" online platform is the desire to allow users to obtain an overview of Münster's museums more quickly than before. The website makes it easy for you to put together your own personal package.
In the future, the "museen-in-muenster.de" online platform will be offered via a link on the website of the city of Münster as well as via a link with local hotels and restaurants.


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